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Tourism remains lead forex earner for Nigeria – Travelwings

by The Economy

Amidst Nigeria’s foreign exchange woes and dwinling power of the naira, a leading travels brand in the country, Travelwings, has said that tourism can be a major source of foreign exchange for the country if optimally harnessed.

The company in a statement issued on the backdrop of its Lekki office opening recently, maintained that investing in tourism would contribute to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and boost job creation.

Quotinng the Chief Business Development Officer in Africa, Sean Bradley, Travelwings emphasised that young people would be offered more opportunities as customer service agents, saying they would be empowered to become business development officers in the region.

“Young people will help shape the future and we have a responsibility to bring them into this industry that is also a catalyst in terms of growth,” said Bradley.

He continued: “In terms of growth opportunities and for young people to come into the industry is all about us shaping a footprint as well.

“As we start bringing a product and various service levels to the consumer and offering a compelling product in terms of competitive pricing, airfare wise, land arrangements, helping students get to their dream, universities globally and then for family and friends travelling back and forth into those particular markets is all about growing the tourism structure.”

Bradley emphasised that the agency would consider the inbound tourism side and focus on the attraction in Nigeria.

He was further quoted in the statement as saying: “We look at the value chain actually associated with tourism. It goes beyond somebody travelling in here, the service providers attached to that particular visitor coming in start enhancing the experience.

“We need to look at the greater value chain and then work with the authorities in terms of actually supporting what their mandate is and actually taking that to the market.”

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