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How to become successful

By Tony Elumelu

by The Economy

Today, more than ever, everyone needs Grit, the ability to preserve in the face of difficulties.

Admittedly, our world today is anything but predictable, and with current economic challenges- the removal of fuel subsidy, rising inflation, increased cost of goods and services, e.t.c, staying positive and pushing through may seem very hard.

However, grit is having the mindset of a champion, which fuels an unwavering commitment to persist, adapt rapidly to changing times, re-invent oneself, and innovate in a way and manner that guarantees survival and eventual success.

In my personal and business career, grit has played a significant role in where I am today. I’ve also had to face severe obstacles but it’s important to know that success doesn’t come to those who quit. Successful people have similar traits- they are hardworking, disciplined, passionate about their goals and are undeterred in the face of challenges- they possess GRIT.

Angela Duckworth a famous author describes grit as the combination of passion and perseverance for success and explains that it can be developed- I would recommend her book to everyone who wants to build their staying power in striving for excellence. The path to success is often not the easy one, it comes with both ups and downs- and whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to succeed in business, a career professional who aspires to climb the corporate ladder or a student who wants to excel in academics, you must harness the transformative power of grit to turn your dreams into a reality.

Tony Elumelu is former CEO, UBA, Chairman, Heirs Holding
(Culled from LinkedIn)

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