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If you mined Pi, check out the IOU price on major exchanges

by Samson Echenim
Mining pi

Many people are currently mining Pi across the world and have high hope about the price of the coin.

But major exchanges have recently released their IOU prices for Pi a promising project with a growing user base.

Although Pi Network’s mainnet has yet to launch, speculative trading has resulted in IOU prices being quoted on various exchanges. Here are the current IOU prices for 1 Pi on several prominent exchanges:

  1. Forbes: 1 Pi = $25.08
  2. Coinmarketcap: 1 Pi = $24.65
  3. CoinGecko: 1 Pi = $25.10
  4. Binance: 1 Pi = $23.09
  5. Huobi: 1 Pi = $24.79

It’s important to note that these prices are for IOUs and not the actual Pi Network token itself. IOUs represent placeholders or promises to deliver the native token once it becomes available. As Pi Network’s mainnet launch is still pending, these IOUs may not be transferable across exchanges and should be approached with caution.

IOU trading often occurs in anticipation of a token’s official launch, allowing early investors and traders to speculate on its potential value. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when engaging in IOU trading, as it may carry additional risks due to lack of regulatory oversight and potential discrepancies in price stability.

Pi Network has not officially permitted the listing of its token on any exchange at this time. As a result, the IOU prices observed on various platforms may not reflect the true market value once the Pi Network token is officially available for trading.

As the Pi Network project progresses and its mainnet launch date is announced, users and investors are advised to stay updated through official communication channels. It’s crucial to rely on accurate and verified information regarding token listings and trading to mitigate potential risks associated with speculative trading.

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